Faster strike times: forget about cubes

Improve programme time by over 20% using real-time compressive strength alerts for pours on the critical path. You'll know as soon as your concrete slabs, piles or plunge columns have reached strength.

No more manual monitoring

No more time wasted walking around the site to measure temperature with handheld data loggers, or crushing cubes every day to test for strength. 

Lower cost, low carbon emissions

Converge is cheaper than existing manual monitoring solutions, whilst providing all the benefits of a wireless and automated solution. 

How does it work? 

With Converge, attach a maturity sensor to your rebar and wire it out of the cage to connect it to the Converge Node. Scan the QR code with your phone to give it a name and you will then be able to keep track of the maturity in real-time, and even set up alerts just in case you don't want to watch concrete dry.

The Science behind it all

Converge follows the ASTM C1074 Standard Practice. Our sensor monitors temperature, converting it to compressive strength using the calibration data for your mix design. Sign up below to get a copy of our white paper on the concrete maturity method: 

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