Demould sooner, maintain quality, and cut carbon.

ConcreteDNA Precast applies the power of ConcreteDNA to the precast factory setting. The new Precast dashboard lets you track the progress of units, and gives you the clarity you need to improve output and sustainability.

Demoulding late is the greatest source of preventable delays. Our AI is able to calculate the compressive strength and predict the curing times based on the sensor data.

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Precast Production Dashboard

At a glance, see what units need to be cast, are in progress, ready to be demoulded, are demoulded, or archived. Measure factory performance and how it’s doing against your baseline.

Beat Cure Variability with AI

Curing variability due to changes in temperature and weather can mean significant safety margin in curing times. Cut them down by knowing exactly what strength your concrete is at and what it will be, thanks to weather-aware AI that predicts curing time with >95% accuracy.

Forecast Costs Better

Avoid paying heavy weekend costs, by ensuring you're on schedule thanks to real-time strength monitoring and accurate AI curing predictions.

Engineered for Engineers

Demould Sooner

Demould your concrete as early and as safely as possible thanks to real-time concrete strength data, and automated notifications when you reach temperature and/or strength milestones. This scientific approach brings precision to the craft of demould timing, allowing your factory team to move fast with security and confidence.

Reduce Embodied Carbon

Thanks to our smart platform you gain greater insight into the real-time and long-term performance of your concrete. This enables you to optimise your concrete mix design and cut down on cement content, meeting your schedule while reigning-in your embodied carbon.

Cut the Schmidt!

Remote monitoring thanks to our wireless devices means no more Schmidt hammer, removing the need for operatives on the factory floor at all, until the moment your elements are ready. Stay safe and clear of exclusion zones thanks to remote monitoring.

Perfect for Project Teams


  • Concrete temperature and strength
  • Element status tracking dashbaord
  • Mobile app and web access
  • Unlimited users
  • Live updates & remote monitoring
  • AI Concrete Strength predictions
  • Advanced analytics tools
  • Multi-site analytics
  • Production line analytics
  • Single Sign On
  • XML format schedule ingestion
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Mesh System for Precast

Converge Mesh for Precast is our original concrete strength sensor system with a shorter and more practical thermal probe cable.

This robust system is designed to collect and transmit concrete strength data reliably in the factory setting. 

Thanks to our tried-and-tested system - a cabled thermal probe, Node transmitter, Repeaters, and a Hub - a data relay system can be designed to bypass any network obstructions.

Mesh System

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