Converge builds low power wireless sensors, and a platform that helps you visualise and analyse the data they produce in real-time.  Our system is made up of four parts: the sensor, the node, the hub and the platform. 


To get started, let us know what you want to monitor and pick a sensor.  Temperature, concrete maturity, humidity, pressure, pH... if the sensor exists, we can connect to it. Every sensor we provide is tagged with a QR code – scan it on your phone, give it a memorable name and you are good to go.


Hook the sensor up to the Converge Node which will transmit its data wirelessly back to the Hub. All our nodes talk to each other, so you don't have to worry about mobile or wifi coverage. Data will hop from node to node until it finds a Hub. Don't worry about battery life, our devices have been designed to last for years. 

The Hub

The Hub's job is to coordinate your network. It talks to Nodes, collects their data and sends them up to our servers for processing. It's really easy to setup – fix it on site with the included bracket, plug in the power supply, and you are all set. The Hub will send your data, fully encrypted, over the mobile network – data plan included.

The Platform

The Platform is where all the magic happens. Visualise all your incoming data in real-time, analyse them as they come in, set up alerts, and invite other engineers on site so you're all in the loop.