About Converge

Converge builds wireless and cloud-based technologies to help construction companies strike earlier and plan their projects more efficiently. We’re saving the environment one sensor at a time.

Why Converge

It takes manual monitoring, lab tests, waiting games, and over-pouring to raise buildings today. Not only is the process inefficient and expensive, but it’s damaging to the environment, as well. The UK Green Building Council says the construction sector uses more than 400 million tons of material a year. We think that’s a few million too much.

Our Mission

To keep the world thriving on a planet with finite resources by driving sustainability and efficiency in the world’s largest industries.

Meet the Team

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Raphael Scheps
Co-Founder and CEO

Raphael holds a masters in Mathematics and bachelors in Physics from the University of Cambridge. Raphael worked as an engineer at Mellanox Technologies, on high speed interconnect for supercomputers, and as a researcher at the Weizmann Institute analysing sensor data from telescopes. He has lectured at the MPA, on the use of digital technology to make major infrastructure projects agile.

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Gideon Farrell
Co-Founder and CTO

Gideon holds an MA and MSci in Astrophysics from Cambridge, and brings more than 8 years of IoT experience to Converge. He served as a Researcher for Intel’s WISP (Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform) at Georgia Tech Research Institute, and developed and tested SQUIDS (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices) at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. Gideon is a self-taught developer, who still enjoys exercising the right side of his brain going to the theatre, contemplating art, and talking philosophy.

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Peter Cowley
Board Member

Peter is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, having founded over 10 businesses and invested in over 60 startups in the past 35 years. In 2014, Peter was named the Best Angel Investor of the World by the World Business Angel Forum. He was also named the UK Business Angel of the Year in 2014. Currently, Peter is the chair of the Cambridge Angels and is a Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the Judge Management School in Cambridge. Peter’s favorite pastime is outdoor traveling.

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Suezann Holmes
Finance Director

With an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School in UPenn, Suezann has spent the past 15 years as a Finance Director at companies such as McGee Construction and Virgin Media, as well as leading the Finance activities of high growth technology companies.

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Georgia Willox Dunant
Head of Operations

After a short stint living and working in Cambodia, Georgia came back to her hometown of London to study South East Asian Studies at SOAS. Now the backbone of Converge, she is still waiting for the South East Asian languages she learnt  to become useful.

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Alessandro Lazzarini Barnabei
Senior Embedded Systems Engineer

After completing his BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. in ultra-low power electronics in the University of Pavia, Ale ventured to London and started working in wearable technology and IoT. He loves to cook (and consequently eat), listen to music, and is a black belt in yoga.

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Lucas Costa
Software Developer

A passionate engineer from Brazil, Lucas sees himself not as an engineer, but as a problem solver. Head over heels for the open source community, he maintains two very popular JS projects: Chai.js and Sinon.js. When he’s not contributing to the open source community, he enjoys contributing to the open source community.

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Luke Aveil
Software Developer

After finishing his studies in Photography, Luke ventured out to master his craft in Thailand, and then Australia. An autodidact coder, he further honed his skills at Makers Academy before joining our Developer team. Luke is an avid cycler, and still enjoys photography.

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Jenny Lee
Product Designer

Jenny is responsible for making our products look as good as they do. Born in South Korea, she studied Product Design at Brunel University, and has a passion for improving the interaction between people and tech. Aside from that, she enjoys arts and crafts, and travelling.

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Oliver Greet
Business Development

Commuting in daily from Cambridge, Ollie is our inhouse concrete expert. Before Converge, he was developing a low-carbon concrete product at the David Ball Group. When not chatting about concrete, Ollie enjoys music (and everything music technology related), playing golf, and squash.

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Jamie Tew
Business Development

After his Irish family settled in Lincoln in the 50’s in search of construction work, Jamie moved to London to study Natural Sciences at UCL. He initially joined Converge part-time for beer money, and was captivated by the opportunity to make a real change amongst the largest industries in the world. Now working at Converge full-time, he has enough money for beer, as well as gigs, travelling, and other wholesome activities.

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Issam Ashur
Business Development

Originally from Dubai, Issam moved to London to study Civil Engineering. Before discovering his true passion here at Converge, Issam worked in management consulting for three years. Outside of work, he enjoys playing football, snowboarding, travelling the world in search of the tastiest food, and long walks on the beach.

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Liza Brackman
Office Manager & PA

After finishing her Office Management studies in The Netherlands (where she also grew up), Liza followed her dream of moving to London. Lucky for us, she landed at Converge. Liza makes sure everything and everyone is on time, or else. When not in the office, Liza enjoys going to the cinema, and sipping on a gin and tonic (usually together).

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Jon Gordon
Senior Embedded Systems Engineer

Jon spent the first 15 years of his life living in many parts of the UK, although he considers himself to hail from the Midlands. After earning both Bachelors and Masters degrees at the University of Leicester, he went on to work at G4S, eventually leading their embedded development team for offender monitoring equipment. When he's not developing state-of-the-art wireless products for Converge, he enjoys a good board game, and the odd DIY project.

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Mircea Zagrean
Digital Product Designer

Originally from Transylvania, Mircea is a digital product designer with a creative soul and mind of an engineer. He is in charge of shaping user-centred experiences that define our product. He focuses on digital products vision, user experience, interaction & visual design. Outside work, Mircea likes motorbikes, hiking, skiing, rollerblading, travelling and sci-fi.

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Max Barnett
Software Engineer

Straight out of London and Los Angeles, a young bright eyed Max started working for Converge during his gap year doing manufacturing, customer support, office puns, and whatever else was needed. Not to be got rid of, he has since continued to lurk within the backchannels of Converge while he entered the University of Edinburgh to study Physics and has now joined the Software team. Max enjoys skiing, squash, and football as well as being passionate about food and the internet.

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Affia Islam
Internal Recruiter

After graduating with a BA in Marketing, Affia decided her career would start in recruitment and not marketing. She has worked within the recruitment industry for over 10 years, working within a variety of different industries. Affia is passionate about finding the very best candidate for each role she recruits for and ensuring candidates have the best experience. She also enjoys travelling (favourite destination is Aruba), cooking and eating out (favourite cuisine is Thai).

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Thomas Wiltshire
Supply Chain Manager

Thomas has over 45 years of experience in the development, build, and deployment of hardware in the Aerospace and Defence sectors, primarily in the USA. He has extensive experience in the implementation and support of ISO Certified and Lean Manufacturing Programs and holds a BS in Mech Eng and a BA in Business Administration.

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Sam Ellenby
Product Lead

Sam joins the team as Product Lead having worked for Vodafone Group, Sky and Cambridge Audio. He started his career as a hardware engineer and brings a wealth of experience in creating delightful user experiences for products with both hardware and software components.

Please ask him about his cats. They're super cute.

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Omar Henry
Production Manager

After pursuing Electronic Engineering Degree at the University of Westminster, Omar returns to his native country of Grenada where he got involved in a revolutionary project for cost reduction in rendering science. After a stretch of two grilling years of pushing the scientific boundaries, the project yielded success and was quickly adopted by the UN & Inter-American Development Bank for similar replicas globally.

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Marco Piraccini
Senior Software Engineer

Marco is a software architect, but above all a developer that still manages to get excited when beauty emerges from architecture or elegant code. Lover of Unix, Open Source and generally all that is knowledge sharing, he's now a full-time remote worker, so he can work for Converge and still enjoy good food in Bologna, where he lives.

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