What are we?

Founded in 2014, Converge is a UK construction technology company based in central London. We’re bringing construction into the digital age by building AI and cloud-based technologies, powered by our suite of sophisticated wireless sensors. Converge has global impact and reach: We serve the world’s largest construction companies and partner with other trailblazers to push the bleeding edge. We are working to solve the industry’s most pressing problems and revolutionise the construction lifecycle.

On a planet with finite resources, our mission is to build the future more efficiently, safely, and sustainably, by the digitising physical reality of construction.

Meet The Management

Who are we?

We are Convergians! Our ever-growing team is diverse, skilled, and seriously good looking. Together we represent 17 nationalities, 11 languages, 3 species… but one shared vision.

Raphael Scheps
Co-Founder and CEO
Gideon Farrell
Co-Founder and CTO
John Patterson
Tim Pearce
VP Commercial
Paula Gould
Head of Operations
Amy Zhou
Head of People
Eduardo Aguilar Pelaez
Head of Product
John Brunton
Software Team Lead
Mircea Zagrean
Design Lead
Issam Ashur
Head of International Business Development
Guillaume Borkhataria
Creative & Marketing Director
Liza Brackman
Office Manager & PA

Not to show-off, but...

We’re growing a team that will have lasting global impact.