Introducing Data Hub: Pouring Intelligence into Concrete Management

July 10, 2024

Converge Announces Data Hub for Concrete Data Management

Data Hub helps contractors digitize and automate the concrete workflow to save time, reduce waste, eliminate human error, and accurately track carbon emissions.

LONDON, UK, 10th July, 2024 – Converge, a leading construction technology company, has announced Data Hub, an innovative concrete data management technology.

Data Hub automatically captures, centralises, and analyses all concrete data — including concrete delivery tickets, batch records, compliance cube analysis, volumetric data, mix designs, QA data and non-conformance reports, and EPDs and carbon content — saving hundreds of person-hours on manual data entry and reducing human error, setting a new standard in quality assurance on sites. Data Hub's automation capabilities also create a detailed, irrefutable audit trail for each concrete pour and reducing the need for concrete rework, which in turn reduces waste and saves costs.

Morrisroe Group, an engineer-led multi-disciplinary contractor with specialist design capability, was an early adopter of Data Hub.

James Wibberley, Engineering Lead at Morrisroe Group, said, “With Data Hub, we not only eliminate the manual work and reduce the risk of human error, but we also gain access to real-time data wherever we are — on site, in the office, or in a meeting — so we can react quickly and keep our workforce productive and efficient.”

Data Hub is the latest solution in Converge's AI-driven platform, ConcreteDNA®. It includes advanced features that increase construction efficiency for better project outcomes. Contactors like Morrisroe can now easily log, tag, and track delivery tickets and essential metrics like volume and slump, cube testing and sensor data, photos, and inspection records, from anywhere. 

Dan Bannister, Operations Director at Morrisroe said, "Data Hub has revolutionized the way we manage and analyze our concrete data. We now have a centralized system that not only speeds up data processing but also enhances the accuracy of our analysis. This allows us to make better, quicker decisions and focus on what truly matters — building high-quality, sustainable projects."

From a sustainability perspective, carbon emissions in the built environment are increasingly important to developers, contractors, and the supply chain. Data Hub allows contractors to track and monitor carbon emissions alongside traditional metrics like strength and progress, offering a comprehensive performance view and enabling more informed decisions that improve project outcomes.

Raphael Scheps, co-founder and CEO of Converge, expressed his excitement about the new solution, "Data Hub represents a significant leap in our quest to empower the concrete industry to build a net-zero future more efficiently using AI, sensors, and data. It's not just about creating efficiency — it's about gaining a holistic view of all concrete activity so contractors can build smarter, reduce waste, embrace sustainability, and save time and money."

In 2022, Converge raised a £15M Series A, led by Climate Investment, to accelerate its carbon impact.

Mike Bishop, Investment Director, Climate Investment, and Converge Board Member, said, “Data Hub is yet another transformative product by Converge. It balances construction demands with sustainability efforts, offering an innovative solution to provide a win-win for contractors and the environment — while simultaneously reducing costs and accelerating project timelines.”

Data Hub is poised to be a huge driving force behind the digitization of construction, providing contractors with better and faster insights and enabling mix optimisation for a lower carbon impact.

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Converge, a UK-based technology startup has raised over £20M to optimise and decarbonize construction using AI & sensors. Follow Converge on LinkedIn.

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