Automated Precast Element Tracking

PrecastDNA is the platform that tracks the logistics of your factories' precast units and machinery -- empowering factories to optimise operations and increase their top and bottom lines.

The platform for precast concrete logistics

Automated Inventory Management

Never lose a unit again with automated tracking of precast elements which does not rely on human input and locates units to within 1-2 precast unit lengths

Better control over loads and deliveries

Expose the live status of your deliveries to maintain your delivery schedule. Reduce administrative burden with your sites.

Create a digital twin of your factory operations

PrecastDNA gives you analytics of your factory logistics in real-time and also historic performance analytics which can be used to optimise resource allocations for future operations.

Built for hard working factories

Track Precast Concrete Units Effortlessly

Track your units over every part of your yard. Get milestone updates and exception alerts when over-lifting. See the current and historic journey of your entire inventory at a glance.

Full Visibility of Precast Factory Operations

Watch live updates of yard operations from your desk, spot changes in behaviour and see reports to act quickly with issues before they affect deadlines or performance across the factory.

Integrates with your ERP Systems

Integrate directly with your precast factories ERP, such as SAP and Betsy, to build the views for a real-time dashboard around your precast inventory. Drive better strategy with advanced reporting.


PrecastDNA creates a complete digital twin that makes precast operations visible to all supply chain stakeholders

Smart Units sellable at a Premium

Your sites will love PrecastDNA too! Sites have used PrecastDNA to gain Visibility of production , Traceability of loads, and Better Programme Certainty. Increase the value of each unit at your factory and stand out in your market by providing direct tracking from factory to install.

Platform features

Never lose a unit

Forget scanning QR codes and stickers that fall off precast units. All it takes is 10 seconds - just register our beacon, and attach it into your element and leave the rest to us! PrecastDNA starts tracking instantly, taking the human element out of element tracking. You can look up the unit on a map to find where it is in the factory yard or site.

Reduce Double-Handling and Remakes

Our data shows that loading one element onto a trailer can involve moving up to 10 other elements. With each additional move comes increased costs for operatives, fuel, and remakes due to damage which can increase operation costs by up to $100,000 a year.

Machine history

Our super flexible, super rugged and safety-rated cases allow you to track your machinery like never before. Factories can track machine utilisation in the different areas of their factory, unlocking new ways to plan resources and increase operational efficiency which can reduce operation costs by up to $100,000 a year

The Numbers speak louder than words

Factories using logistics gain the following benefits.
Increased revenue potential
Reduction in time spent for inventory management and vesting
Reduction in remakes and written-off product due to double handling
Reduction in transportation surcharges

Real Stories from Real Customers

Get inspired by these stories.

"We used to spend hours looking for units in the yard when they were called off. After we started using PrecastDNA, we started to find units straight away, which allowed us maintain timely deliveries of trailers using fewer operatives."

Quality Manager - Leading UK Precast Factory

"PrecastDNA integrates with our ERP and gives me control over our yard operations and hundreds of operatives like I never had before. Our customers also love seeing the live dispatch status of their loads and this save hours of phone calls for our team."

Production Manager - Leading EU Precast Factory

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