Converge for
Test Labs

Offer your customers wider concrete testing options and leapfrog your competition. By partnering with Converge, Testing Labs can benefit from the latest in AI sensor capabilities, and enhance the quality of their services by leveraging expert con-tech.
Be a sustainability leader by offering your customers an enhanced service that enables them to use low carbon concrete mixes with confidence.

Why become a Converge Lab Testing partner?

Differentiate from your competition

Provide customer real-time concrete strength and temperature development.
Offer customers real-world in-situ curing data.
Monitor water bath temperature with great accuracy
Monitor lab climate temperatures with high accuracy
Minimise human errors inherent with manual testing

Generate highly valuable insights

Enhance the quality of your services by selling valuable insights and services


Empower your customers to use low-carbon concrete by optimising their strike times, thanks to real-time in-situ curing data.

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Converge and Tarmac Partner to Offer AI-enhanced concrete sensors to boost sustainable construction