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Enable the successful deployment and adoption of your low carbon products while meeting client performance needs, making you a leader in viable low-carbon solutions.
Optimise your concrete products to make you both more competitive and drive your costs down. Package our sensors with your concrete to offer differentiated smart concrete solutions to your customers. With the precise data on how your concrete performs in the field, you gain critical insights on how to optimise your mixes for cost, performance, and C02e savings.

Why become a Converge Readymix partner?

Optimise your mixes

Maximise the potential of every mix with comprehensive, accurate data to guide targeted improvements
Minimise waste and enhance performance
Automate lab condition monitoring to eliminate human error
Leverage data to enhance operational efficiency through cement reduction
Develop new low-carbon concrete mixes

Be more competitive

Be at the forefront of concrete innovation, harnessing powerful sensor tech and AI
Differentiate by offering a cutting-edge product
Offer better client support around curing and weather impact
Cultivate customer loyalty through advanced technologies
Expand your market share by winning new clients and pr

Maximise sustainability

Empower your customers to use low-carbon concrete by optimising their strike times.
Help reduce concrete waste by reducing test cube usage.
Understand the impact of concrete admixtures with more precision and knowledge-share with data.

Enhance profitability

Generate additional ROI by reducing concrete mix design costs thanks to concrete performance data.

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Converge and Tarmac Partner to Offer AI-enhanced concrete sensors to boost sustainable construction