Watch Now: 'Benefits and Challenges of the Maturity Method'

April 30, 2024

NEW: Benefits and challenges of the maturity method

You can now watch Converge webinars on demand.

Presented by Converge in partnership with Construction News, 'Benefits and challenges of the maturity method' is available to download here.

Click here to watch 'Benefits and challenges of the maturity method' on demand.

What to expect from this webinar:

✅  A bitesize overview of what the maturity method is, its benefits - including substantial productivity gains - and how you can implement it in your concrete operations, delivered by Converge's Solutions Specialist, Sarah Kim

✅  Industry insights, with contributions from Steve Hyde at Tarmac and Greg Deane at Laing O'Rourke, who discuss their experience of using the maturity method in concrete operations, including practical implements and ROI benefits

✅  Technical expertise, from Converge's Technical Manager, Ollie Greet, who talks about innovations in concrete maturity sensors and the role of AI in optimising construction operations and concrete mixes.

✅  A lively Q&A session chaired by CN deputy editor, Ben Vogel

What the maturity method can do for you:

⭐️  Give you real-time in-situ concrete curing data

⭐️  Save you time, with no more waiting around for lab test results

⭐️  Help you optimise planning and efficiency for faster formwork removal

⭐️  Provide multiple data points within your concrete pour

⭐️  Support mix design optimisation for specific use cases in real-world conditions

At Converge, we've made the maturity method easy

Our embodied sensors and easy-to-use ConcreteDNA app have quashed the pain and removed the complexity of the maturity method so that contractors can reap the benefits of accurate, real-time in-situ concrete curing data, save labour hours and improve cost-efficiency.

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Watch Now: 'Benefits and Challenges of the Maturity Method'

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