Plan Smarter, Build Sustainably

Predictive AI to help contractors choose the most carbon-efficient mix while achieving unprecedented time and cost savings.

The Future of  Concrete Intelligence

Mix AI is a revolutionary new solution that empowers busy contractors with predictive analytics on concrete mixes to help them build faster and more efficiently — with a lower carbon footprint.

Optimize Every Concrete Pour

Embodied Carbon Reduction

Make informed decisions to assist with mix design selection and prevent concrete overdesign to not only save costs but also reduce your carbon footprint.


Predictive analytics give you insights to pick the most cost effective mixes for your jobsite.
It'll mean fewer errors, less waste, and optimized use of resources.


Accelerate project timelines with smart planning tools. Faster and safer formwork removal becomes your new standard.

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Mix AI analyzes concrete performance data to deliver accurate simulations of concrete strength, temperature, and embodied carbon footprint based on historical and forecasted environmental conditions.


Predictive Performance Analysis to Reduce Embodied Carbon

Simulate and compare the performance of different concrete mixes to assist with material selection and schedule acceleration. Select the mix with the lowest embodied carbon that still meets specifications and schedule requirements.

Customizable Simulations for Faster Construction

Set specific goals, such as desired strength, and choose your mix type and timeline to simulate how your concrete will perform and when it will meet your goals.

Intelligent Look-Aheads Based on Weather Data

Mix AI considers weather conditions, offering projections on how ambient temperatures might affect concrete curing. Set up alerts to help you adjust schedules and strategies in response to environmental factors.

"Mix AI will empower our customers to choose carbon efficient mixes and deliver concrete programs on schedule with excellence.— it’s a win for our customers, It’s a win for us, and a win for the environment."

Brad Roberts
President of Construction Technology at Stanley Black & Decker

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