Converge for Distributors

By partnering with Converge as a Distributor, you can associate your brand with highly innovative products and offer your customers a broader range of solutions to support your customers to build more efficiently by derisking projects, driving down costs, and building more sustainably.
Differentiate by selling cutting-edge IoT and AI construction tech solutions.

Why become a Converge distribution partner

Access to the most innovative concreting solutions

Cutting-edge AI technology, developed by world leading experts
Benefit from the speed and agility of an award winning start-up and incorporate new products into your line-up faster than if you developed them internally

Differentiate & Expand your market reach

Diversify your product offering and enter new markets you did not have access to
Tap into more niche markets and specialised technologies
Introduce new product verticals to your portfolio

Enhance your competitive edge

As a distributor of the new generation of construction products, you have early access to disruptive technologies, allowing you to keep up with a rapidly evolving industry

Support your customer’s sustainability goals

An increasing number of your customers have ambitious sustainability targets, offer them the critical technology needed to achieve them.

Become a Partner

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Converge and DEWALT® Partner to Launch AI-Based Solutions and Sensors To Reduce Carbon Emissions From Concrete