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Take your concrete intelligence to the next level with our smart sensors and AI-powered concrete monitoring, data management, and mix selection solution.

Download the Converge app from the Apple App Store for iOS devicesDownload the Converge App from the Play Store for android devices

Evolve Your Concrete Game

ConcreteDNA’s AI-powered concrete monitoring, data management, and mix selection solution helps busy contractors make informed decisions quickly, optimize labor and resources, reduce embodied carbon, and accelerate project timelines — all without compromising on safety or quality.

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Converge Signal®

Wireless, embedded sensors monitor concrete temperature and strength in real-time and send data to the cloud so you can access it from any device, anywhere.
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Concrete Monitoring

Real-time concrete strength and temperature monitoring for faster, safer, greener concrete construction.
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Mix AI® Analytics

Predictive concrete analytics to assist with mix selection and help you build faster and more efficiently — with a lower embodied carbon footprint.
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Projects Finish Faster

When concrete is on the critical path of your construction schedule, can you really afford to wait for lab results? Get continuous, accurate, and real-time strength and temperature data, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Optimize Construction Schedule

• Use real-time monitoring and AI predictions on concrete strength and temperature to strike formwork up to 40% faster.

• Make faster, safer decisions on post-tensioning, formwork removal, road openings, and more.

• Ensure project milestones are met by reducing wait times associated with traditional third-party lab testing.


Save Costs and Increase Efficiency

• Reduce costs associated with unnecessary lab testing, rework, and delays by using real-time data to streamline operations.

• Get the data you need to decide labor force resourcing, materials supply, precast delivery, and more.

• Benefit from efficient mix designs, ensuring the best quality concrete without overspending on over-designed mixes.

Enhance Project Safety, Quality Assurance, and Liability Protection

• Monitor temperature differential limits to avoid cracking.

• Minimize safety risks associated with premature formwork removal or post-tensioning.

• Provide an audit trail for quality assurance and safeguard against potential disputes with irrefutable data on in-situ maturity testing.

Streamline Communication and Access Top-Tier Technical Support

• Wireless sensors send concrete data to the cloud for real-time access from any device, anywhere.

• Easily align with your concrete producer on mix adjustments or changes based on real-time feedback from the project site.

• Gain access to remote or on-site technical support for sensor setup and platform usage.

Increase Competitive Advantage with Sustainability and Green Building Benefits

• Better understand concrete performance to inform low embodied carbon mix requests.

• Confidently adopt sustainable mixes while maintaining high-quality concrete — and meeting your schedule.

• Differentiate your bids by showcasing the innovative use of sensor technology, ensuring quality, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

"ConcreteDNA has let us save 3 days on every pour. With the real-time data and AI predictions, we're striking formwork as soon as possible, rather than waiting for lab results which can come in days after strength has been reached."

Gregory Deane
Senior Engineer at Laing O'Rourke

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We've helped top contractors build concrete structures faster, cost-effectively, and more sustainably.

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