Concrete Data Management Made Easy

Automate the collection of concrete data on your construction sites to save time, reduce waste, and eliminate human error.

The Future of Concrete Workflow Management

Data Hub centralizes and automates concrete data collection, including delivery tickets, batch records, compliance analysis, and QA data. It streamlines workflows, accelerates processing, and improves analysis accuracy. Contractors can make faster, better decisions, focusing on building high-quality, sustainable projects efficiently.

For Site & QA Teams

Efficiency and Time Savings

Automated collection and processing of concrete data save significant time for site and QA teams, allowing them to focus on core engineering tasks instead of manual data entry and reconciliation.

Accuracy and Error Reduction

Data Hub provides accurate, real-time data, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that site and QA teams can rely on precise information for better decision-making.

Improved Performance and Decision-Making

Centralized data allows site and QA teams to quickly access and analyze concrete performance, leading to smarter and more informed decisions that enhance project outcomes.

For Projects Teams

Comprehensive Performance Tracking

Intuitive dashboards provide an overview of job performance, including mix design, volume, carbon, and associated costs, enabling operations teams to understand and manage project metrics effectively.

Streamlined Compliance and Reporting

Data Hub automates compliance tracking, aligned with BS EN 206 standards. This saves countless hours of administrative work and ensures that all regulatory requirements are met efficiently.

Enhanced Oversight and Communication

The ability for senior management to remotely access and monitor performance and carbon data fosters better communication and oversight, breaking down data silos and allowing for proactive management and strategic planning.
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Streamline Document Management to Improve Project Outcomes

Improve productivity, efficiency, and project outcomes with a single view of all your concrete data. Easily log, tag, and track delivery tickets and essential metrics like volume and slump, cube testing and sensor data, photos, and inspection records.

Automate Manual Tasks to Reduce Error and Create Efficiencies

Reduce human error, improve communications, and save significant time by automating tasks like cube management and concrete reconciliation and digitizing batch tracking and quality assurance processes.

Improve Compliance and Record-Keeping

Ensure accurate tracking, reconciliation, billing, and compliance with a comprehensive audit trail for every concrete pour.

Track Carbon Emissions for Sustainability Reporting

Measure your sustainability impact by easily tracking the embodied carbon in each concrete mix used across your project. 

Concrete pros are pouring praise!

"We can trust the data because it is accurate and correct. It allows us to make smarter and better decisions around our productivity, our efficiency, and our general overall concrete performance. The way that Data Hub allows us to incorporate this data set into the performance of the material is a game changer."

Dan Bannister
Director at Morrisroe

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