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The Signal System

Measuring the physical world of construction in real-time.


Continuous data when you need it.
At the heart of the Signal System is the Signal Sensor v2:The latest iteration of our fully wireless embeddable sensor that measures in-situ concrete temperature and strength data, uploading it to the cloud in real-time via the Signal Live Hub or periodically with the smartphone app. 

With v2 we’ve added the ability to connect Tails, embeddable sensor extensions that connect onto a new port on v2. This opens up the potential to measure an endless number of new data types.


Fully embeddable & wireless

The Signal Sensor uses Bluetooth to transmit data to the Converge app on your smart device or to the Signal Live Hub which transmits data to the cloud automatically. No wires, no more awkward trailing thermocouples or routes for water ingress.

Continuous & real-time data

The Signal Live Hub automatically collects and transmits data from the embedded Signal Sensor. No more manual data collection, just continuous real-time data.

Designed for easy installation

The sensor’s meticulously designed signature curve is compatible with most rebar sizes. A wide islet, non-slip surface, and cable tie channels make it easy to secure the sensor in position.

Connect other sensors: Tails

Tails are cabled sensors that connect to the wireless Signal Sensor v2 via the side port. Tails can take many forms, from daisy-chained thermal Tails to tilt sensors and strain gauges. Tails open up a vast new world of measurable physical data, all while operating within a wireless embedded system.


The fully embedded Signal Sensor v2 measures in-situ concrete temperature before sending it to ConcreteDNA where it is calculated into concrete strength data. ConcreteDNA provides a real-time view of the strength data, contextualises each pour’s status in a BIM model, and provides >95% accurate AI curing predictions - all viewable from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Learn about ConcreteDNA

Structural health Tails connect to Signal Sensor v2, creating a fully embeddable, automated, and wireless way to measure performance. With this data, StructureDNA can pre-emptively detect dangerous QA issues.

Learn about StructureDNA
It Powers

Easy set up

Remove the card

Once removed, the sensor will activate. TheLED will begin to flash every two seconds.


Register your sensor

Install and launch the Converge app, create or select a pour, and add your sensor by scanning the QR code.


Install the sensor

Secure the Signal Sensor with a cable tie in a locationthat will be covered by less than 200mm ofconcrete.


Technical Specifications - Signal Sensors

Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth 5.1: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) plus NFC
RF Power:
Wireless range:
8m When submerged by up to 100mm of concrete*
Shelf-life of 2 years
2 years life when active
Temperature sensor:
Accuracy ±0.2°C
Measurement frequency: once every 20 mins
Operation range: -20 to +70 °C
IP Rating:
IP68 (not certified)
1Mb internal flash memory
Storage capacity: 10 year of data depending on measurement frequency
87.7 x 47 x 34 mm
Standalone unit: approx: 110 g
Single unit with 3m thermal probe: approx: 195 g
IP Rating:
IP68 (not certified)
Battery chemistry:
3V Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery cell
SKUCSS-210 ( Signal Sensor™ )CSS-211 ( Signal Sensor™ )CSS-212 (Signal Sensor +™ )
DescriptionTemperature device with no tail optionTemperature device with option to attach tail with a single or multiple probesDevice with option to attach strain or tilt tail
Device dimensions (LxWxH)74x48x35mm (2.9x1.9x1.4in)83x48x35mm (3.2x1.9x1.4in)83x48x35mm (3.2x1.9x1.4in)
IP RatingIP67 (Not certified)IP67 (Not certified)IP67 (Not certified)
Operational Temperature range"-40°C to +70°C
(-40°F to 158°F)""-40°C to +70°C
(-40°F to 158°F)""-40°C to +70°C
(-40°F to 158°F)"
Temperature sensor accuracy±0.2°C±0.2°C±0.2°C
Enclosure materialsEnclosure: Nylon PA6  Grip: Nylabond® 6091-70A BLACKEnclosure: Nylon PA6  Grip: Nylabond® 6091-70A BLACK Connector: SA8 Anodised AluminiumEnclosure: Nylon PA6  Grip: Nylabond® 6091-70A BLACK Connector: SA8 Anodised Aluminium
Bluetooth versionv5.1v5.1v5.1
Wireless rangeUp to 10m (32.8ft)Up to 10m (32.8ft)Up to 10m (32.8ft)
Measurement frequencyEvery 20 minsEvery 20 minsEvery 20 mins
Max RF Power
(reduced in certain regions to comply with local laws)mn     +21dBm+21dBm
Battery chemistry and voltageLithium Manganese Dioxide
(Not replaceable)
Lithium Manganese Dioxide
(Not replaceable)
Lithium Manganese Dioxide
(Not replaceable)
Maximum recommended shelf life2 years2 years2 years
Active battery lifeAt least 6 monthsAt least 6 monthsAt least 6 months
Internal battery capacity1700 mAh1700 mAh1700 mAh
Internal battery voltage3 Volts3 Volts3 Volts
Internal battery Wattage5.1 Wh5.1 Wh5.1 Wh
Compatible Tails (sold separately)N/A Single probes - 10ft (3m)  
Multi probes - 6ft (2m). Lengths up to 32ft (10m) available upon request
3ft (1m long)
Applicable ProductsConcreteDNAConcreteDNAConcreteDNA &

How deep should the sensor be installed?

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We recommend installing the Converge Signal sensor up to 100mm below the concrete surface, and making sure the face with the QR code is facing up.

What range of wireless connection should I expect from the sensor?

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Once in concrete, the sensor range could be up to 8m, depending on the rebar configuration around the sensor and the sensor installation depth. Please ensure that you are closer than 8m and the Converge app is on your phone screen (not background) when communicating with the device.

Can I collect measurements when my phone is not connected to WiFi or data?

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If you can't access the internet where the sensors are placed, the mobile app will download the measurements over Bluetooth and store them locally on the phone. But make sure to connect your phone to WiFi or mobile data, as soon as you can. Then, open the Converge app to upload the stored measurements

How long do I need to wait to collect all the data from a Signal sensor?

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The app takes about a minute per day of sensor readings/data. For example, if the last collection was done on Monday, and then you go to collect data again on Thursday, there will be three days of data to be collected on the device. This data collection will take around 2 minutes or less.

Compliance Information

This device complies with the following safety and quality standards: ASTM E1112, ISO 80601, ISO 9001, AS/EN 9100, ISO 14001
Safety: IEC 61010- 1:2010/A1:2016
Radio: ETSI EN 300 328 V2.1.1

EMC Compliance Statements

This product is in conformity with the essential protection requirements of EU Directive 2014/53/EU on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility.

This product has been tested and found to comply with ETSI EN 301 489-17 V3.2.0* (ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.1.1) in line with the guidance in ETSI EN 303 446-1 V1.2.1*.
This product has been tested and complies with JIT/MIC Radio–Japanese Radio Law Testing of BTLE radio: Article 2 paragraph 1 item (19) of the Ordinance concerning Technical Regulations Conformity Certification etc. of Specified Radio Equipment*
This product has been tested and complies with the SIRIM standards for radio technology products in Malaysia. SIRIM Certification (Malaysia) based on: Documentation Submission and In-Country Testing
This product has been tested and complies with the regulatory compliance marc (RCM) requirements for market access in Australia.
This product has been tested and complies with the IMDA standards for market access in Singapore.
This product has been tested and complies with the Hong Kong Certification Body Accreditation Service (HKAS) standards for market access in Hong Kong.
This product has been tested and complies with the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) standards for market access in China.
Converge Signal contains a TMP117 temperature sensor from Texas Instruments which is 100% tested on a production setup  that  is  NIST  traceable  and  verified  with equipment  that  is  calibrated  to  ISO/IEC  17025 accredited standards.

Converge Signal is not recyclable, and should not be disposed of in general household or commercial waste or in landfill.
CE markRegulatory compliance markNon-recyclable mark FCC mark

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