Introducing The Road to ConstructionDNA

September 16, 2021

Our mission at Converge is to engineer intelligent solutions which make construction more efficient, safe and sustainable, for a planet where resources are finite. We have distilled our vision for the future into our latest innovation, ConstructionDNA, the jewel in the Converge crown and our mothership-under-construction! ConstructionDNA is a platform for understanding and optimising construction projects by harnessing and integrating data from multiple sources - concrete and beyond - to provide intelligence and emergent AI insights. ConstructionDNA goes far beyond the scope of our existing offering and is set to revolutionise the industry. Read on and join us on the Road to ConstructionDNA as we gear up for an exciting launch later in the year. 

The construction industry is plagued by negative assumptions about its inefficiency and unsustainability. By digitising physical reality on the job site, Converge tackles these pitfalls head-on. We provide our clients with the data and insights they need to improve decision making; as they say, you can’t improve what you can’t measure! By using digital technology to take the guesswork out of construction, Converge is building the future with efficiency, safety and sustainability front and centre.

ConstructionDNA takes us further towards fulfillment of our mission. When you think of Converge, perhaps sensors, live data, and concrete are what spring to mind. ConstructionDNA is set to change that. With this new platform, we are standing on the shoulders of our existing technology to create an AI platform which allows users to generate far more powerful and broad-ranging insights. Having an accurate representation of live data will always be important, but ConstructionDNA does much more than that.

ConstructionDNA is revolutionary because it contextualises live physical data and builds a sophisticated and comprehensive picture of each project. ConstructionDNA will use sensors to monitor a wealth of physical data including concrete strength, asset tracking, structural health, crane and tool utilisation, and beyond. When such physical data is processed in the context of surrounding factors such as construction data, scheduling data, cost data, BIM, and weather data, the key causal relationships between all variables can emerge. Crucially, this is something that can only be achieved using AI, as a holistic understanding of the full construction life cycle involves a level of complexity that the human brain cannot process. Meanwhile, the intelligence outputs from ConstructionDNA will become increasingly rich as time goes on, as we continue to expand the diversity of physical data used as variables in the software.

ConstructionDNA is much more than a digital twin, a database, or a data aggregator. It takes us from monitoring data and contextualising data with surrounding factors, to using the power of AI to understand relationships in order to provide actionable insights and recommendations. These recommendations can drive efficiencies, empower decision making, mitigate risks, reduce costs, improve sustainability and make the jobsite a much safer place for people to work.

Signal Sensor v2

While we are well down the road to building ConstructionDNA, it will not be completed overnight. We are currently working on two new intelligence platforms which will work alongside ConcreteDNA, our original platform, to form the underpinnings of the ConstructionDNA AI. However, our first launch will be Signal Sensor v2, the newest version of our original sensor. Signal Sensor v2  truly paves the road to ConstructionDNA by broadening the types of measurements we can collect; the new sensor features tails, which are sensor extension units which allow our sensors to literally go to new places With this new capability, the power of our upcoming intelligence platforms is unlocked.

One of the two new SaaS products, StructureDNA, will enable monitoring of structural health variables and will link them to BIM for real-time visualisation both during and after construction. StructureDNA will be coming soon, get in touch with us to learn more. 

LogisticsDNA will follow. LogisticsDNA optimises logistics flows by collecting real-time tracking data from prefabricated units all the way from the factory to installation. This enables identification of bottlenecks, and dynamic response to issues, optimisation and traceability, and improves sustainability, unlocking all the benefits that modular construction offers.

ConstructionDNA is scheduled to launch in Q1 of 2022. Converge is poised to drive an understanding of the fundamental DNA of construction using the power of AI, and we are excited to drive a sea change in the construction industry.

Come along and join us for the ride down the road to ConstructionDNA.

The Converge Team

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