Low-Carbon Reusable Cassette.

March 10, 2021

Structural materials are often accountable for more than half of embodied impacts on most new buildings.

Converge have been working with an impressive team including: Mace, AKT II, DB Group (Holdings) Limited, William Hare Group, Oranmore Precast and UCL, and we have currently finished the design phase of an ultra-low-carbon structural system making net-zero carbon structures deliverable.

The low-carbon reusable cassette is the result of collaborative work with the teams, designed to drive down embodied carbon and promote a truly circular economy in the built environment.

Our research is looking at how we can prevent material waste with early warnings in the event of structural failure and how we might be able to use this data to better inform future designs.

We're doing this by using our sensors to monitor structural behaviour during the pouring of cemfree, handling of slabs, and over time under their own weight. Strain gauges were embedded on the slabs by installing them on rebar before the cemfree was poured in the moulds.

Find out more about the research here: https://www.akt-uk.com/latest/low-carbon-reusable-cassette/

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