Converge Announces Mix AI™, Predictive AI to Help Contractors Decarbonize Concrete Construction

December 5, 2023

Converge Announces Mix AI, Predictive AI to Help Contractors Decarbonize Concrete Construction

Mix AI helps contractors prevent concrete overdesign and reduce embodied carbon emissions.

LONDON, UK, December 5th, 2023 – Converge, a leading construction technology company, has announced Mix AI™. This new tool uses predictive AI to assist contractors in reducing concrete overdesign and embodied carbon emissions, promoting low-carbon construction practices.


Mix AI™ complements ConcreteDNA®, Converge’s AI-based concrete monitoring and data management platform. It analyzes concrete data to offer AI-based forecasts of concrete strength, temperature, and carbon footprint, considering historical and future environmental conditions.


“There is an unprecedented opportunity to leverage AI in the building material sector, to rapidly accelerate the decarbonization of one of the hardest-to-abate sectors. AI’s impact on climate& carbon was a key discussion topic at the UN SDG summit earlier this year, and a potential solution to many of the challenges being discussed at COP28this week. Through Mix AI™, Converge is using cutting-edge AI techniques to deliver a real-world, highly-scalable digital solution to decarbonize the concrete sector,”

said Raphael Scheps, co-founder and CEO of Converge.


Cement, crucial for concrete's strength, accounts for about 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Mix AI™ enables contractors to choose concrete mixes with less cement, meeting performance specs while cutting down embodied carbon emissions.


A look ahead AI prediction of local concrete performance.

Converge’s collaboration with Stanley Black& Decker in North America amplifies the impact Mix AI™ drives. Brad Roberts, President of Construction Technology at Stanley Black & Decker, stated,

“Mix AI™ will empower our customers to choose carbon-efficient mixes and deliver concrete programs on schedule with excellence. It’s a win for our customers, a win for us, and a win for the environment.”


In 2022, Converge raised a £15M Series A, led by Climate Investment, to accelerate its carbon impact. Mike Bishop, Investment Director, Climate Investment, and Converge Board Member, said,

“Mix AI™ is a transformative product for concrete. It balances construction demands with sustainability efforts, offering an innovative solution to address embodied carbon, while simultaneously reducing costs and accelerating project timelines.”


Converge’s strategic partnerships span Europe, Asia & North America and promises to turbocharge decarbonisation of construction through AI.


For more about Mix AI™ and early access, visit



Converge, a UK-based technology startup hasraised over £20M to optimize and decarbonize construction using AI &sensors. Follow Converge on LinkedIn.


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