Signal Sensor v2 - Paving the Road to ConstructionDNA

September 8, 2021

Signal Sensor v2 & Signal Thermal Tails

Here at Converge, we’re levelling up! If you know just one thing about us, it is likely to be our flagship Signal Sensor, and the associated ConcreteDNA SaaS product. In 2021 our signature electric blue device will be getting a major upgrade, taking Signal from a slick concrete monitoring device to a far more sophisticated sensor capable of measuring an array of physical data — not just concrete strength. Signal Sensor v2 has enormous implications and applications for Converge’s technology, and it will pave the road to our new flagship product, ConstructionDNA, an AI-based platform that drives efficiency, safety, and sustainability across the entire construction lifecycle. Read on to learn more about Signal Sensor v2 and what it can do for your construction projects.

Signal Sensor v2 is more than just a simple upgrade, it’s a key that unlocks the ability to measure far more than just concrete strength. How? In a word: Tails. Tails are cabled sensors that connect to the wireless Signal sensor via a port on the upgraded design. The huge benefit of this innovation is the ability to add new sensor types onto Signal, thus unlocking the potential to measure an endless number of new data types... all while still operating within a wireless embedded system.

Signal Sensor V2 will usher in a new era for Converge and the construction industry. Our team is currently building ConstructionDNA, an AI-based platform for optimising construction projects by integrating multiple data sources to provide groundbreaking intelligence and emergent AI insights. ConstructionDNA feeds on multiple streams of data which are accessible because of Signal Sensor v2 and Tails technology. This includes new structural health sensors which are part of StructureDNA launching later this year. StructureDNA will form the underpinnings of ConstructionDNA alongside ConcreteDNA and LogisticsDNA (another launch in the pipeline! Watch this space!). ConstructionDNA will yield a holistic understanding of projects in order to deliver actionable insights into efficiency, sustainability and safety. 

Concrete is still a key part of the picture, and Signal v2 will up the ante regarding our thermal measurement capabilities. We will be introducing two Tails specifically for concrete monitoring: a single-point thermal probe and a multi-point thermal probe. The latter is the world's first fully embedded, wireless, daisy-chained thermal probe. It will facilitate full thermal integrity profiling of mass pours, by allowing thermal readings to be taken at multiple depths in the pour. Our thermal Tails will make it simpler to monitor concrete pours and temperature differentials, and will be of particular benefit to projects involving mass concrete and other deep elements. Such elements require additional measures to be taken in response to the heat generated by the pour and the increased risk of cracking. Signal v2 will provide solid reassurance about the quality and safety of these projects.  

Signal Sensor v2 and Tails will also improve the sustainability credentials of construction projects by promoting the use of green concrete in mass pours. Cement-free concrete, aka green concrete, typically reduces the carbon content of mixes by roughly 70%, all while avoiding the typical productivity downsides of going cement free. However, as with any innovative material, it is crucial to have complete confidence that there are no compromises in terms of meeting safety and quality standards. By capturing real-time strength data for green concrete, Signal v2 and Tails will provide reassurance that the material meets expectations. This makes green concrete an even more enticing option, and allows contractors to bend the cost curve and carbon curve at the same time, safe in the knowledge that all standards are being met. This is truly a win-win scenario and is in line with the Converge ethos of promoting sustainability in construction.

There are various other exciting changes and improvements to Signal Sensor v2. The upgraded sensor has an improved and more reliable RF range. The eyelet is back but we’ve made it wider, for easier attachment of multiple zip-tie or tie-wires. We have also added a non-slip pad to the curvature to minimise movement of the device once attached to rebar. The sensor itself is a little bigger… we needed space to fit in all that extra power!

On the flip side, some things are staying the same. We have kept the iconic "sofa" shape with the carefully designed curve enabling easy attachment to a wide range of rebar diameters. The bright blue hue has stayed too! More importantly, we have retained a key functionality of our wireless system: with Signal Live Hub, there is no need to collect data on a phone or other device; Signal Live Hub collects the data for you and sends it straight to the cloud, meaning that the entire system is automatic, real-time and wireless.

Signal Sensor v2 will open up a vast and diverse new world of data to Converge. With this new capability, Signal Sensor v2 will pave the road to our most powerful and sophisticated technology yet, ConstructionDNA.

Get in touch with us to see what Signal Sensor v2 and the suite of converge technologies can do for your next project.

The Converge Team

Signal System Overview

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