Winners - Sustainability Award - EG Tech Awards 2021

September 14, 2021
Sustainability Award Banner

We're honoured to be the recipients of the EG Tech Awards 2021 Sustainability Award. A huge thank you to EG tech awards for this important recognition of our efforts to protect the planet by making construction more efficient, safe, and sustainable! 💚

The panel of judges shared some kind and impactful words about Converge.

The panel were thoroughly impressed with our winners’ use of tech on a granular level. They showed good use of AI and tech to support more efficiency, and our judges commented that their business model was both innovative and niche, stating that they were going to have a massive environmental benefit.

The full list of winners is online at:

Even more great news – We’ve been shortlisted, Again!

We're please to let you know that, as a winner of EG Tech Awards, we are now shortlisted for the overall EG Tech Award at the annual EG Awards on 28 October.

Wish us luck!

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