How do I check what hardware is on my Signal site?

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Site Inventory Page

View on the site inventory page in the platform or on the ConcreteDNA app.

Signal Live - see the Live's assigned to your site


Name of Signal Live: by default this is the device ID but you can rename by clicking three dots on right

Signal strength of device: this is the strength of the connection to the local mobile network.

Info: Device ID, Last seen at (minutes ago), Hardware version, Software version -to access click three dots on right of device name and click 'view info'

Connected to: the number shown here is the number of signal devices the Live has seen during its lifetime on the site.

To view this in detail click the arrow on right. The detail will show you the status of each sensor connection.

Signal Sensors

Embedded nodes - This is a list of all the sensors registered to the site and assumed embedded in concrete. A link to the pour the sensor is attached to is shown beneath each sensor.

Click the three dots next to sensor name to edit the name, view the device ID, view the last time temperature data was pushed to the platform.


In the event that you calibrated your mix using Mesh sensors these will show in this section as registered sensors.

Please note that any unregistered stock you hold on your site will not show on this page

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