Offline data collection

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Are you going into an area with a poor cellular connection? Need to connect to a sensor?

With our pending uploads feature on the ConcreteDNA app you can download data from your sensors when your phone is offline. 

There is a trick to using this feature effectively!

The app will remember any screens loaded during your session on the app and allow you to return to them when offline. This is done by your phone caching the data from your app session.

The most common need for using the ConcreteDNA app offline while on site is manually collecting data from your sensors in situ.

Follow these steps to an effective data collection:

  1. Good cellular connection - Open your ConcreteDNA app and navigate to your active pours selecting sensors and loading sensor detail screens. Keep your session logged in.

  1. Proceed - Go to the active pour location to collect data from your sensors.

  1. Collect data - Now you are in a low/offline area, open the app and select ‘collect data’ in the sensor detail screens. Any sensors in range will be pre loaded and ready to connect via bluetooth. 

  1. Still struggling? - Put your phone into airplane mode or turn off your data completely. This will stop your phone from cycling to connect to a weak network and force our pending uploads feature to kick in. 

  1. Good cellular connection - Open your ConcreteDNA app when returned to better cellular coverage. Any pending uploads stored locally in your phone will automatically push to the cloud making the data visible for all on your site. 

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