How does the Converge Mesh system work?

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Converge System Overview

Watch this video to find out how the mesh system works:

Think about where is best to position the hardware to maintain a connection between your sensors, Repeaters, and Nodes on-site, to start collecting data on your upcoming pour.



Hub setup:

Position: Central, high and in an open place

Power: 110V

Range: 30 to 50 m (Depending on the site layout)

Technology: 3G/4G

LED colours

Flashing green: Looking for network

Stable green: Connected to network  

Your Hub relies upon having access to 110V or 230V mains power and mobile phone signal to transmit data back to the cloud. We recommend your Hub is located somewhere with a clear view of the sky, that has good mobile reception.

We have found on the tower crane can be a good location, but not too high, mobile phone reception gets worse above the 40th floor.

Repeater setup:

Position: In between the Hub and Nodes

How to activate: Press the red button 3 times in quick succession

Battery life: 2 to 3 months while on

Range: 20 to 40 m in direct sight with the Hub (Depending on the site layout)

LED colours

Blue: Stand by

Red: Not connected to the Hub

Green: Connected to the Hub

RGB: Low battery  

Install Repeaters to boost the signal of Nodes, each Repeater should have line of sight back to the Node(s) it is getting data from.

Where multiple Repeaters are needed, each one needs to be within 30m of the previous one. Because Repeaters are always on, their battery life is around 8-12 weeks so keep an eye on their battery level and swap them out where necessary.

Node Setup:

Position: Close to the pour, where the sensor is installed

How to activate: Plugin the sensor in the Weipu connector in the Node

Battery life: ~1 yearRange:20 to 40 m (Depending on the site layout)

LED colours

Blue: Stand by

Red: Not connected to the Hub or Repeaters

Green: Connected  

You'll need to locate your Nodes close to where you wish to take measurements. The sensor cables are 3m long and 10m extensions are available for extra flexibility.

We recommend placing Nodes up out of the way, off the floor, to avoid damage during the pour.

These Nodes should  be orientated so that the label is correct way up, with the sensor coming out of the Node towards the floor.


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