How to troubleshoot my Node?

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What does it mean the Node is flashing red?

It means the Node is not communicating with the Hub because of any of the following reasons:

  • The distance between the Node and the Hub or nearest Repeater is longer than 30-40m.
  • Heavy machinery like generators or large electric motors can generate a lot of radio noise that can impair the range of Converge hardware.
  • Walls and safety screens both block the signal, so where possible, try to ensure they are not directly between the Node and the nearest Repeater or Hub.
  • If you make a change to your network layout, it can take a little while before the new hardware connects and the network stabilises. But if it's not back online within an hour, get in touch.

How do I fix it?

  • First: Check that your Hub has power and is in a location with a clear view of the sky in a position that is likely to get good mobile signal. The LED must be stable green.
  • Second: Make sure all of the Repeaters in the setup are flashing green and have good battery health (check site inventory page for Repeater battery info).
  • Third: Assuming everything looks ok, you may want to install more Repeaters to improve the signal, contact support for advice on the best layout for your site.
  • Forth: check that the Node is still connected to the sensor and is within range of the nearest Repeater or Hub.

Once the network connects again, the missing measurements will upload automatically.

My Node is flashing blue and is attached to a sensor

The Node does not recognise that a sensor is plugged in.

  • Try unplugging the sensor and replugging.
  • If the problem persists it is possible the sensor is faulty, please contact the Converge Support team for advice / replacement.

My Node is flashing green but there is no data on the Platform

  • First try unplugging the sensor and replugging. Keep it unplugged for couple of minutes before plugging back in. This will restart the Node.

If nothing changes on the platform it's possible there is data stored in the Node's memory from a previous sensor. This is possible if you keep the Node plugged into a previous pour after you finish actively monitoring it. As soon a the Node loses its connection to the Hub it starts to store the data locally in its memory. To stop this happening it is good practice to unplug the sensor from the node as soon as monitoring has ceased.

With help verifying this contact the Converge support team at or on +44 20 3808 3115.

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