How do I install my Node?

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The Node is a light grey box with an orange sticker and a weipu connector on the base and looks like this:

The Node takes the data from the embedded sensor in your concrete and transmits it via the Repeaters to your Hub.

The Node starts to work when you connect the sensor via the weipu connector on the side of the casing.

When installing the Node it is important to place it in a safe and secure spot so that it is less likely to get damaged whilst collecting the data.

Don't forget to register the sensor on the platform, you can find more information on how to do that by clicking here.

How do I know the Node is working?

On top of the Node is a flashing LED light which will tell you the state of the system. The table below outlines the flash colour from the Node.


For more information watch this video:


 Troubleshooting the Node during setup

If you are not receiving data into the Converge platform from a sensor please check the following to resolve the issue:


You can find more information on how to troubleshoot your Node by clicking here.

Best practice

Check correct Node storage and installation…

  • Always store Nodes with the blue cap fitted to prevent dust/debris in the connector when not in use
  • Always install the Node the correct way up with the sensor cable hanging out of the bottom for extra protection
  • Always remember when plugging in a Node to screw the outer blue thread finger tight. This will keep it waterproof

Return Nodes to Converge for exchange if:

  • The blue cap is missing
  • The connector twists in its fitting
  • The LED is not flashing blue (without a sensor)
  • The LED is not flashing red/green (when a sensor is plugged in)

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