What hardware will I receive in my Mesh delivery?

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What's in the box?

Your first Converge Mesh delivery will include the following items so you can get setup on site:


The Hub

The Hub is the main portal that connects to the mobile phone network and transmits all the data back to our servers from your network.

It is easily recognisable by its three antennas and power lead. The Hub requires a continuous power source and can work from 110 to 240 Volt. It comes supplied with a 110V connector.

The Hub comes with a pack of antennas labelled 1, 2 and 3, or "Antenna", "Mobile" and "Mobile" which correspond to the connectors on the top of the Hub. It is important these are connected correctly as each antenna has different functions and properties



The Repeaters are used to increase the range of the network. They act as a stepping stone between the Hub and the Nodes.

Repeaters are often used to fill voids in the network and to route the signals around obstructions on the site.

Repeaters are the only unit with a power button which must be pressed 3 times in quick succession to activate it.


Nodes and Sensors

The Nodes and the Sensors are the units which collect the data from your pour.

The sensor is attached to the rebar prior to the concrete being poured and is registered onto the Converge platform using the QR code on the label.

Once the sensor is placed and the cable is trailed outside the pour it is attached to the Node which will transmit the data via the Repeaters to the Hub.  


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