How to troubleshoot a Mesh Hub?

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If your Hub is offline on the platform it may have been unplugged. You will not be able to view real-time data until the Hub has power.

  • The first step is to check if the Hub is still connected to a power source. If the Hub is physically unplugged please plug it back in.
  • Perform a power cycle on your Hub. If you experience any connection issues with your Hub the first thing to do is in effect 'turn it off and on again'. To do this unplug the Hub for 10 minutes, this will give the hub enough time to fully discharge and turn off. Then plug it back in  to reboot.
  • Remember any data received from the pours will be stored locally on the Nodes, and once the Hub has regained power and is connected to the network, the data will offload onto the platform. No data is lost.
  • Note once you plug the Hub back in the led light will start flashing as it tries to establish an internet connection. Once this turns to a stable green light you know your Hub is back online.
  • If the LED on your Hub is constantly flashing green this means it is not able to establish a network connection in this location. Try setting it up somewhere else and add Repeaters into the set up if necessary.

If you have any questions or need any help please contact the Converge support team at or on +44 20 3808 3115.

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