How do I install my Mesh Hub?

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How to install my Mesh Hub

The Hub is easily recognisable by its three antennas and power lead. The Hub requires a continuous power source and can work from 110 to 240 Volt. It comes supplied with a 110V connector.


The Hub comes with a pack of antennas labelled 1, 2 and 3, or "Antenna", "Mobile" and "Mobile" which correspond to the connectors on the top of the Hub. It is important these are connected correctly as each antenna has different functions and properties.

Screw the antenna in clockwise finger tight.


Wherever you choose to locate your Hub you'll need to plug into power. The Hub comes with 110V UK plug.

The Hub does not have an on/off switch. Simply plug in and when the LED light goes a solid green you are connected.


Your Hub relies upon having access to 110V or 230V mains power and mobile phone signal to transmit data back to the cloud. We recommend your Hub is located somewhere with a clear view of the sky, that has good mobile reception.

We have found on the tower crane can be a good location, but not too high, mobile phone reception gets worse above the 40th floor.

Watch this video for more information:


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